Theros Jewels is more than just another jewellery brand...

It encapsulates in its name the love of luxury, the beauty of the simplicity of summer and our philosophy of life and jewellery.

The joy of the sun and the magic of the sea gave birth to Theros and our jewellery in Rhodes in 2016, as a continuation of the family tradition, which since 1954 has been entrusted to the Platis name, from design to production and sale, wholesale and retail.

Our collections, sometimes in simple lines with precious metals and beads show off our boho and carefree side, sometimes with colored or white precious stones and luxurious design give a touch of elegance and charm to every look.

As every jewel is an ornament that beautifies us, so we at Theros beautify our lives with small acts of love towards people, animals, nature and the arts through the wide range of of our social actions.

In your small and big moments, with a lot of love, we closed the theros in a box
and we offer you...

Every season of the year!

Because the sun is within us...

Anthi Plati.